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Recommended fertilizers

ekohumus-02 EKOHUMUS manure - 0,5l - HUMUS - PRODUCT OF CALIFORNIAN RAINWATER increased content of humus

Designed for: all plants in apartments, on balconies and in gardens (decorative plants, vegetables).



lawn-bioekor1l Bioekor lawn fertilizer 1l - super-efficient - 1000m2 of lawn with a 2% solution , regenerates the lawn, quickly restoring the green, healthy appearance, increases the resistance of the grass to trampling.



Organic and mineral fertilizers - application effects

Why EKOR fertilizers are unique?

The effects of cabbage fertilization with Bioekor uniwersalny sypki , containing natural organic components.
The study was carried out at the Institute of Vegetable Crops
n Skierniewice.



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