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szkółki leśnie nawozy
The high quality of our fertilizers has been appreciated by experts who recognized that our products are the best in Poland, thus granting our company the right to use the following signs:

szkółki leśnie nawozy

BIOEKOR for forest nurseries - concentrate (item II.4)

szkółki leśnie nawozy Intended for : fertilizing forest nurseries, conifers
and deciduous.
Contains : total nitrogen / N / - 8.5%, including nitrate nitrogen - 1.0%, amide nitrogen - 7.5%, phosphorus pentoxide (P 2 O 5 ) - 3.0% soluble in water, potassium oxide (K 2 O) - 4.4% soluble in water and a mixture of micro-nutrients: boron / B /, copper / Cu /, iron / Fe /, manganese / Mn /, molybdenum / Mo /, zinc / Zn / - soluble in water - easily absorbed by plants. It does not contain chlorides.
Ensures : intensive growth of forest tree seedlings, increases the resistance of seedlings to diseases and pests.

Efficiency : from 1.0 liter of fertilizer is obtained from 100 to 200 liters of solution for feeding the plants - depending on the type of fertilized plants - according to the instructions on the packaging.
Packaging : 5l and 20 liter.
Application : Use a 1.0% solution for coniferous species and 0.5% for deciduous species (1.0 liter for conifers and 0.5 liters for deciduous for 100l of water). It is advisable to fertilize every 7 days, especially in the period from late May to mid-July. It is recommended to run a double sprayer with each fertilizer. The most economical is simultaneous fertilization with sprinkling using a fertilizer dispenser, while checking the concentration of the solution with a conductometer. Storage: Fertilizer should be stored in clean and dry rooms, out of reach of children, away from food and feed. Protect against direct sunlight and low temperatures. Protect against getting wet during transport.
If the fertilizer is spilled, rinse with water.
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